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whats up.

please excuse the delay in posting. some internet troubles where i attempted to upload this.

there is a track attached for you to work on. please make an 8 bar intro-1verse 1 chorus-8 bar outro of this song. use the methods we went over in class. 

below is a guide and reference to help you.





heres the list of steps you need to do every time you

want to warp an audio track. 

warping = locking up a song or a piece of already existing audio to the master BPM (beat grid) of

                your session.  if you've done the work right your metronome or "click track" should 

                 be in sync with your audio/song

1. identify the bpm of the song you will be working with BEFORE you drop it into the "arrange window"     of albleton

2. drag the track onto an AUDIO track. (doesn't matter where in the arrange window) 

3. double click on the TITLE bar of your track to open the warp/clip editor 

4. Click the WARP button. the numbered grid should appear in your clip editor window

5. below the warp button select "complex" pro or "complex" . 

6. find the point in the audio that YOU want to be the start point and make another warp marker by  double clicking on the thin gray bar above the waveform.

7. delete the first warp marker that the software created when you hit the warp button. i explained how in class. double click abletons first marker or highlight the section it lives in and hit delete

8. right click (control click on PC) on the new warp marker you just made.

9. in the drop down menu, select "set 1.1.1. here"

10. right click again on the warp marker you made. in the drop down marker select

   "warp from here straight"

11. highlight the entire track by clicking once on the title bar of your track and slide it all the way to the left of the arrange window so your track starts at bar 1.1.1

remove the unusable beginning part of your track by highlighting it and deleting it.

identify the part of the song that has the open bars of instrumental to use as your intro. highlight it, copy it, and then paste at bar 1.1.1 after you have done the above.

check your edit to make sure it lands on time and is a smooth transition to the next piece of audio.

repeat the steps for the outro. 

identify the places you need to delete in order to shorten the song and use either the command shit +commnand+x or, delete the highlighted audio and slide it up against the remaining audio to cover the blank space you created.



make the most of your work space by using the "expand/collapse" buttons.

Tab = toggles the arrange and mix/session windows.

cmd E = Edit/cut

cmd C = copy

cmd V = paste

cmd D = duplicate

cmd L = loop (use the loop brackets to auction a good loop point)

cmd A = select all

cmd X = delete

shift + cmd + X = cut time 

cmd + r + rename/name

cmd + Z = UNDO

make sure you NAME your audio track once you drag it in. right click (control/command) R




we will cover more on this in the coming weeks. here is some info in case you'd like to give it a try

to access the automation parameters you need to move your cursor to the drop down menu located underneath where the name of your track title (not audio file title bar). its on the far right of your window

and located out side the grid in a separate area.

in the drop down menu you can choose which parameter you want to write/automate. choose volume.

a perforated red line will appear in your arrange window running through your audio file. click on the line to create an automation marker. slide that around and see what happens! then make more and see who much you can affect whatever parameter you selected i.e; volume, panning, mute etc...

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