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whats up!

here is your assignment.

Please make an edit of 50 Cent "In Da Club".

-8 bar intro/chorus/verse/Acapella out (chorus)

remember to line up the acapella track at the same postion that the vocals begin in the main version before you begin your warping as we discussed in class. Also, dont forget that you only need to warp the part of the acapella that you will be using for the outro, as long as you make a seperate clip and line that up with the same spot in the main version

Make sure you are naming your tracks and creating locator marks. (right/2 finger click  in the grey strip that contains the "speaker" icon while hovering your cursor.

some key commands to remember

cmd + 4 = turn of the "grid" in order to move your brackets and cursor independent of the bars/numbers on the grid

shift+cmd+x = cut time

cmd + K = turn on "key mapping" to map your locator marks to buttons on your keyboard -KEY MAP-

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Listed below are the days the studio is open for you to practice. Subject to change during semester breaks.
SUPERVISED PRACTICE SCHEDULE starting Monday, January 8, 2018

Monday - Thursday

330pm - 730pm 

Saturday and Sunday

4pm - 7pm


*NOTE: On occasion, the studio will close due to a special event.  Please be sure to contact (888) 725-5557 to double check that Supervised Practice is "as scheduled".  Apologies for any inconveniences.

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