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June 2012 Blog Posts (3)


Song: Bad Day

Artist: Asher Roth


BPM: 82


Intro:          0

Verse:        8

Bridge:       0

Chorus:      7

outro:          1


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Primetime's Production Tips : THE DE-ESSER

Some producers use more than one de-esser to tame sibilance. Where sibilant frequencies peak in different areas of a voice, simply add a second de-esser in series with the first. When using more than one de-esser, precision is the key - if the target frequency is too wide, or cut too deep, you can easily wind up compromising what was a reasonable-sounding vocal line.

Remember that with all "in-the-box" treatments and out-board gear, using your ear and not blindly adding…


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Artist: Kill Me                                                                                        Artist: Will Smith

Song : Make the Girl Dance                                                                  Song: Switch

BPM : 121                                                                                              BPM: 104


Into :…


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Community Center serving as a place to bring like-minded music heads together


Listed below are the days the studio is open for you to practice.

SUPERVISED PRACTICE SCHEDULE starting Monday, January 8, 2018

Monday - Thursday

330pm - 730pm 

Saturday and Sunday

4pm - 7pm


*NOTE: On occasion, the studio will close due to a special event.  In this event, we will post an event notification on Scratchbook in the events section OTHERWISE Supervised Practice is "as scheduled".  Apologies for any inconveniences.  If you need help - can e-mail

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